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Downtown los Angeles

Downtown los Angeles


Downtown los Angeles

Process Server in Los Angeles County can be hired through Julian Gonzales Process Serving Company today.

Our Los Angeles Process Servers are professional and courteous when it comes to delivering your legal documents because when we are professional and courteous we can achieve more for you.

A Professional and courteous process server is a positive process server and in this business we have to overcome the negative effect we might find while serving a defendant and that leads to delivering your legal documents on time and with care.

When we go out to deliver your legal documents much consideration is put into when the best time to serve the documents might be.

It is normal for us to deliver documents before or after work and as late as 10:00 pm if need be or 6:00 am should your serve call for it.

We have done the math and that means it all adds up to keeping your needs our number one priority. We know you have better things to do than trying to chase down someone to serve your legal documents so we made the process as easy as possible.

First fill out a form to request your Los Angeles process server.

Second, call us to make sure we received your order and ask for Julian because he loves to say hi to all and ensure you that your legal documents will be handled in the most professional manner.

Last, we will create your file and email you an invoice which needs to be paid to complete your order and submit your documents to one of our Los Angeles Process Servers.